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Christchurch's leading repairer of car radiators

Get the very best service for your vehicle
Burnside Radiators is proud to offer you swift and efficient radiator installation and repair services.

Our dedicated team is highly experienced and will be happy to help you get optimal performance from your cooling systems.
With our quality products and services you can improve your engines cooling and your own driving comfort
For fast and cost-effective solutions that will see you back on the road sooner, call us today.
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Radiator services

Burnside Radiators specialises in complete radiator services. This means that we can take care of any issue your car's radiator may be experiencing, whether big or small. We offer:
  • Repairs and clean-outs
  • Re-cores and rebuilding
  • New assemblies
  • Services for any make or model
For your local radiator specialist, call us today.
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Engine performance

The engine of your car generates a huge amount of heat, and it is the job of your radiator to manage this heat. If your radiator is damaged or leaking coolant, it may have dire consequences for your engine.

Have your radiator tested and check regularly by Burnside Radiators. We can expertly advise you if and when it comes time to change the coolant and or replace the radiator itself.
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Types of radiators

Burnside Radiators is here to provide the perfect radiator to suit your particular vehicle. If you are not sure what you require , an aluminium, copper or brass radiator, ask us!

We can recommend and install the ideal radiator that best matches your vehicle and driving habits. Get top quality components and enjoy many years of worry-free motoring. Speak to our team to find out more.
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